Companies – Custom orders

You are an employer, you want to pamper your employees for Christmas, International Women’s Day, Labor Day and Workers’ Day…

Italia Delizie offers you to design a choice of products according to the image of your company at the amount of your choice.

We send the packages directly to your employees at their home.

You can imagine this same service to send gifts to your resellers, distributors or your best customers.

They trusted us :

The “Handicare” company

We selected with them products to be tasted between colleagues, we sent this package of delicacies Italia Delizie with their greeting card, to all their retailers in Europe and some of the directors of the headquarters.

Mrs. Sylvia B thanked us: “As far as I am concerned, almost the whole gourmet basket was tasted and appreciated during the holidays. My colleagues also enjoyed it and we have feedback from some of our distributors that they enjoyed the gourmet basket”.

The company “01mm” in Plan de Cuques

We sent their premium customers Panettone, Limoncello or Italian Wines.

Mrs. Betty M. thanked us: “A big thank you for your kindness and your commercial sense“.

For all your specific requests call us at 09 50 45 04 09 and ask for Sylvie or contact us by mail :

Vente de produits aux restaurants, bars et hôtels

We have some products in large containers specially designed for culinary preparations in restaurants or cocktails in bars, such as Amarena, Babà, squid ink, Fabbri syrups…

They trusted us :

The Carlton Intercontinental in Cannes

The Finca Buenavista restaurant in El Palmar, Murcia, Spain

Our amaretti wrapped in papillotes, our famous Gianduia Caffarel chocolates, our mini panettone… are small welcome gifts very appreciated by the customers of charming and luxurious hotels.

Sale of products to restaurants, bars and hotels

You have a general delicatessen that wishes to have some Italian references to propose, we can offer you a panel of some references.

For your wedding

Some of our small products, such as our small boxes of lovely and original Leone pastilles, are ideal to enrich the decoration of your wedding tables or to leave a small gift to your guests.

Laurie O. trusted us for her wedding:

Each of the 120 guests left with a small box of Leone pastilles, whose name gave the name to the table where the guests were sitting for the evening.

Table Violet, Orange Blossom, Raspberry, Blueberry…

For all your specific requests call us at 09 50 45 04 09 and ask for Sylvie or contact us by mail :

Sylvie is a source of ideas, as she has worked for a long time in event management.

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