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Royal Jelly is a complete natural food, used by bees as nourishment for all the larvae in the...

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Royal Jelly is a complete natural food, used by bees as nourishment for all the larvae in the first three days of life. Later it will be destined exclusively for the feeding of the queen bee for the whole duration of its life which may be thirty times longer than that of a simple worker bee.
Its color is white-yellowish with pearly reflections, astringent in the mouth and with a sour taste, similar to that of yogurt, but also slightly sugary.
Royal Jelly is a very rich food and contains protidi, glucidi, oligoelements and minerals. It also contains several types of vitamins (it seems to be the richest product of vitamin B5 that is known in nature). In short, it contains a considerable number of indispensable elements for human life in a precious synergy that would be practically impossible to obtain in the laboratory.
For this reason it is generally recommended for those who are in situations of physical stress and fatigue, but also for children, elderly people, students and athletes.
The benefits of royal jelly are obtained above all with the regularity and the constancy of the assumption, which must last for at least 30 days. The consumption of royal jelly should be repeated three or four times a year, or, once the results have been verified, whenever the body feels the need to load naturally and spontaneously.
The recommended daily amount is a small scoop (single-use teaspoon) to be taken every morning on an empty stomach. It should be dissolved under the tongue to obtain a better result, as the presence of sublingual glands favors the absorption and allows the immediate use of the active ingredients of royal jelly without the intervention of gastric juices that could destroy or damage substances.
The amount for sportsmen can be much more massive. In any case there are no contraindications to its use. If the taste does not like, especially for children it is advisable to mix it with a little honey in a teaspoon and then let it melt in your mouth.
Our Royal Jelly is guaranteed in quality and purity and must be kept in the refrigerator before and after the opening in order to better preserve its precious characteristics.

Net weight: 10gr

Informations nutritionnelles / 100 g

Energy450 kJ / 107 kcal
Fat6 g
   Saturates<0.5 g
Carbohydrate14 g
   Sugars14 g
Protein10 g
Salt<0.01 g

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