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Pollen is the flowering element of flowers. It is contained in the stamens of the flowers and is...

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Pollen is the flowering element of flowers. It is contained in the stamens of the flowers and is composed of very small granules. According to the flower of origin it has a variable color: yellow, green, pink, white, red, brown. Pollen is harvested by foraging bees which, passing from flower to flower, promote pollination. The granules are then collected by the bees with their hind legs and brought to the hive. Pollen is the only protein food of bees. In the hive it plays a fundamental role in the nutrition of bee larvae, which can thus develop completely for metamorphosis.
The pollen is collected daily by the beekeeper through special "traps" placed at the entrance of the hives and is dried as it has just been harvested and has a high water content. Pollen is a particularly valuable food for humans because it contains many energetic, nutritive and health values.
In particular, it is rich in proteins, free amino acids and contains many of the vitamins necessary for our body (B vitamins, a, PP, C, H and E). It also contains numerous enzymes, minerals and trace elements.
It can be consumed before or after meals. After meals it promotes digestion, if taken in the morning it can have a tonic, diuretic, and regulating action of the intestine. It is also an excellent energy supplement.
Its many properties make it an ideal food especially for weak and inappetent people and is therefore advisable for growing children and those who are in a state of physical weakness. It is also very suitable for both sportsmen and elderly people.
We recommend consuming fasting pollen to the extent of 1 children's coffee spoon, 1 soup spoon for adults. After 2 weeks you can switch to 2 daily doses one in the morning and 1 in the afternoon before the meal, continuing until you get the desired benefits or at least for a month. So you can stop the cycle, but do not forget to repeat it a couple of times a year. 

Origin: Monteu Roero (Piedmont)

Net weight: 200gr

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