Italia Delizie - The Producers
  • Brezzo – beekeepers since 1950
    Brezzo – beekeepers since 1950
    We have chosen the producer Brezzo which is a small family business in Piedmont in the Roero. Beekeepers for 3 generations, they have been offering authentic specialties of the region with local products for over 70 years. They work with passion in the fields and laboratories to offer unique product lines with the delicious taste [...]
  • Bruschetta, pesto and Pralina sauces
    Bruschetta, pesto and Pralina sauces
    We have chosen the small producer Parlina, its pesto, soups, bruschetta, creams, patè and sauces with the sunny taste of Puglia. Pralina uses vegetables grown in fields under the sun and their products are prepared without any preservatives or coloring, with traditional recipes. We also offer their range of organically grown sauces and pesto. Pralina [...]
  • Trivelli Tartufi – Truffle producer
    Trivelli Tartufi – Truffle producer
    Trivelli Tartufi: a story between tradition and modernity Year after year, spring after winter, black after white. Thus the seasons follow one another, thus nature gives, untiringly, its soul. For a long time Trivelli Tartufi has been harvesting the precious hypogeous mushroom, keeping its secrets, exalting its innate richness. In 1988, the tradition gave shape [...]
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